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Ways to announce your engagement
So you have gotten engaged? Congratulations!

Now just to the matter of announcing this to your friends and family…. Since marriage is one of the most important and exciting decisions you’ll ever make, you want to treat it as being special and worthy of taking the time to do it right, it can devalue the event for everyone else around you as well if you don’t mark the importance of it by announcing it properly. So how can you go about this in a fun way? Changing status on Facebook 20 minutes after your partner popped the question is probably the easiest way to announce it, but not that fun maybe? Also, your friends and family might get upset that you did not choose to share this important event with them first. You also don’t want people to miss this important event in your life, so why not try and do it in style…

Here we have gathered some tips for you on how to announce it both to your family and friends offline but also on how to do it on social media.

Throw a Surprise Party.

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Invite all your friends and family for an intimate party or dinner and announce the engagement sometime during the night. Here you can go creative with the way to announce it as well, should you play a video of your love-story and in the end surprise them with “We’ve got engaged!”? Or maybe let your engagement photo be on display with a guest book next to it where your guests can write small good luck messages or tips for your big day? You could create a pop quiz around the house, with small hints on the theme for the night, such as white wedding frames, wedding magazines lying on the sofa table and so forth… and whilst announcing the winner at the end of the night, announce your engagement too!

For a pretty clever and funny way of surprising your friends why not create a pop quiz about how well your friends and family know you, and let the prize be a secret! When you announce the winner you tell them the prize… “Your my honorary bridesmaid/groomsmen (and by the way, Surprise! We are getting married!)”


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To receive a classic postcard today is rare thing as almost everything is sent via e-mail today. So this really marks how special this event is and the importance of your new status. There are plenty of cards out there to announce your big day, but our favorites are our 3D postcards from The Blue Pocket . Just write your own message in the postcard, such as “Save The Date” or “We are getting Married” and your friends and family will get a lovely surprise opening the letter as the choosen shape pops up and they can read your handwritten announcement. If you want to customize it a bit extra, add your engagement or couple photo together with the postcard.

The old Fashion Phone Call. Tell your parents, family and close friends in person or over the phone, and no, texting does not count! This is one that never goes out of style. If you live far away from your friends and family, why not tell them over a video call waving your hand with the ring on it to show your new status as a couple. After that has been done, send out your engagment announcements in the mail and on facebook. The e-mails are a great way to also to let everyone know of the date before you send out the save-the-date cards to your friends and family, if you’ve already managed to set the date that is.

So how to announce it on Social Media?

Well first of all you do need to change your status from “In a relationship” to “Engaged” on Facebook, but this is not that fun way of letting the world know. We’d suggest a photo or a video, showing off your new status!

Here are some ideas for your engagement photo!

Go goofy! Show off your humorous side on the engagement photo-post, and write a funny caption rater than just “We got engaged” To let your friends and family know your new status! Also, do remember that on facebook, instagram, twitter and so forth, it is not only your friends and family that will see your post, but also co-workers, old classmates, acquaintances etc so this could be something to consider as well before posting.

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Show off the Ring! A classic that can never go wrong!

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Do a Photoshoot and tell the world your news using props!

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The happy-Couple photo is another classic that can never go wrong and which makes a perfect photo to hang on the wall and save as a memory.

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A jumping photo showing off your excitement over the news could be the way to go to share the news with your friends and family…

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