How to Compose Your Couple Song

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Music is known to be an extremely powerful tool for sounding out emotions and therefore, what better way is there to profess your love than to write your very own couple song? 🙂

Music composition can be thought of as one of the most daunting and mentally draining tasks, especially when some of us have not been trained professionally as a musician. Truth is, song composition is not limited only to professionals who can tell between a major and a minor chord, an F# from an Ab (# represents sharp, and b represents flat in the world of music terminology) or the time signature of any particular song.

Music has been introduced to most of us since we were just infants; a time when our ears are still in the early stages of development to accept any of the aforementioned technicalities in music. Nevertheless, we were still able to enjoy the various aspects of a certain tune and are able to differentiate between songs. This means that we actually have been trained unconsciously since birth as to how music should sound like, and how it should sound well by linking up the notes in our heads.

To help you get started, here’s a tutorial that you can try to composing your very own couple song:

#1: Humming a tune
It is often regarded, and sadly forgotten, that our voice is actually an instrument by itself. Humming a certain tune that you have in your head is a very popular method in song compositions. The advantages to this method are that you are not required to know how to play any instruments, and you can spontaneously record a tune down when you happen to encounter a momentary surge of creativity using your smart-phone or the next closest voice recording device.

#2: Gathering inspiration
For those who have caught the movie “August Rush”, you may vaguely remember a scene where the child protagonist tries to scribble down the notes he is hearing in his head, seemingly inspired by the environment surrounding him, on an empty score. Although the child depicted in the movie is a musical genius in his own rights, this method of composition is widely practiced and can be done so just by anyone. With the aforementioned handy voice recorder, you know how step #1 can aid you here 🙂

#3: Think about her/him
A couple song should comprise of the things that the two of you have shared, or have done together. If your partner has any distinct pet phrases, or anything that stands out in particular, you may jot them all down on a piece of paper. These should form part of your lyrics and it will certainly add exceptional values to your song after you have paired it up with the tunes.


#4: Rhyming the words
The usage of rhymes for the ending of sentences is a key component in lyrics writing. We believe that you should have a basic understanding of how rhyming works (e.g. love and dove). However, a useful tip is that you should go easy on it and avoid using repetitive words such as ending them consistently with –ing.

#5: Song structure
Every song follows a particular sequence, understandably with verses covering parts of the “storytelling” while choruses are usually catchy and used to highlight the point of the song. In popular radiofriendly tunes, it is fairly common for artistes to compose their song in the manner of:

Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus

Of course, there are a variety of ways to make your composition unique, but if all fails, that is a proven industry standard that we can follow.

#6: Adding the necessary instruments

After steps #1 to #5 are done, you may then think about adding different instruments to improve the song. Albeit cheesy, the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar might be perfect for simple strumming and singing. Of course, if you do not have any access to musical instruments, making it purely out of your own voice is possible by means of an a capella version (although this requires some knowledge on vocal harmonizing).

We hope that with these 6 simple steps, you can begin on a journey to serenading your other half with your very own couple song 🙂

Stay loving!

LoveByte Cupid