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Why should I sign up with migme?

Creating a migme account allows unlock powerful features like Store (more avatars!) and you can save multiple different avatars. Also, we add avatars regularly so you have more choices!

How can I get to the MiniMe store?

Tap on "Sign in with migme". After creating an account with migme, you will get access to the store and all previously locked items will be unlocked! Registration is fuss free and no credit card details is required.

What does the dice button at the bottom right of my avatar do?

That is the randomise button. Tapping on that will automatically select a random item from each category to be worn by your avatar. Use it if you are feeling adventurous! There is no undo button so think twice before taking that leap of faith.

The screen dims when I am trying a locked item.

Yes! That is to indicate that you are trying an item. Does the item look good on your avatar? Tap anywhere on the screen to continue customising.

Why does the avatar generated by my selfie not look like me?

It must be the lighting. The avatar generator do get a little wonky under too drastic exposure levels. Or perhaps it just could not replicate your stunning self :p

How do I share my avatar?

Use the buttons “Share with Friends” to send it to Facebook, or download the image to your device then upload it in your social posts! We’d love to see it! In the caption, hashtag #iloveminime and set your post to ‘Public’!

I have so many ideas for items that MiniMe should have!

Cool! Send your suggestions to minime@lovebyte.us!

For Questions not listed here:

Write in to us at minime@lovebyte.us. We are always listening.