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Why do I need to invite a partner to use the app?

LoveByte is a app for couples to record their love journey. It’s best used when two people use LoveByte together to send chat messages to each other, store memories and plan activities.

We are using different phones, Android and iOS, can we still use the app?

Glad you asked! Yes, on your own phones register for an account each. Then you can pair up and you will see the same things on your own device.

How do I send an invitation?

You will be prompt to send an invitation after registering and setting up your account. If you had missed it, go to Settings > Partner > Send an invite. If you are unable to receive each other's invitation, do check if both of you have entered the right email address.

Help! I cannot connect to my partner.

Have both of you registered for your accounts? Do check if you have entered your partner’s email correctly. If not, write in to us at support@lovebyte.us.

How to reset my password?

At the login screen, tap on “Forgot Password”. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you did not receive it, there is a chance that you have unsubscribed to our mailing list previously. If so, write in to us at support@lovebyte.us.

If you are already logged in: Settings > Me > Change password. (Remember to tap on Save after that.)

How do I see my partner’s Status - location/weather/battery level?

Did your partner switch on his/her location services? There will be a prompt during the 1st app launch to ask for permission to grant permission to the app. Do tap Yes and make sure that is not overwritten in the LoveByte Settings > Privacy page.

How do I disconnect from my partner?

To Disconnect with your partner, on your LoveByte dashboard go to Settings > Partner > Disconnect. Usually, we do not recommend couples to use this feature unless they have broken up and want the information to be deleted permanently and this action is not reversible.